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27 Jan 2023

FTLV workshop is open in Riga

All equipment will always be in stock and ready for delivery.

We strive to guarantee the high quality of every piece of our equipment. It’s also essential to provide necessary pieces to the customer's site on time. That's why we built our own 300 sq. m. production workshop with a large warehouse in Riga.

FTLV workshop is open in Riga

Here is the equipment we are producing now:

  • Control Panels for refrigeration, ventilation, and technological equipment (are already in stock);
  • Standard Control Panels and Mixing sets for Air Handling Unis based on EVCO controllers FTLV’s software (will be in stock soon).

Opening our own workshop allows us to control the quality of products at every stage and provide the best customer service. Ready-made equipment will always be available in the warehouse, so we can complete projects for our customers in the shortest possible time.