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29 Jan 2023

FTLV has partnered with CITRO

The pilot project started this year.

Оne of the CITRO stores in Riga will be equipped with FTrace Supermarket, a smart complex for the automation of engineering equipment of supermarkets. This is a pilot project: the partnership may be expanded in the future.


FTrace Supermarket is a new approach that considers the supermarket as a single object for automation, taking into account specifics of energy and engineering systems operation both for a single supermarket and for the retail chain as a whole.

Integrated systems:

  • General and technological ventilation.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Electricity and heat meters.


CITRO is a modern supermarket chain that includes more than 80 modern local stores. It presents a wide range of high-quality non-food and food products, including fresh goods from farms.