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31 Jan 2023

FTLV joined the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Our company has been a member of the organization since September 2022

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the most significant association of entrepreneurs in Latvia. It unites 6000 companies, including micro, small, medium, and large enterprises, associations, city business clubs, and other forms of entrepreneurs’ organisations.

FTLV joined the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

LCCI represents entrepreneurs' interests and provides services for businesses. The main areas of the association’s activities are business environment, competitiveness of enterprises, and export.

The Camber aims to support the national economy of the Republic of Latvia, as well as maintain political neutrality, assert the importance of private capital, and endorse initiative and fair competition. We are pleased to join such a large and prominent business community with strong values.