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FTrace is a concept with many uses

The FTrace approach is based on a modular principle. Various solutions are added to the ready-made core, depending on the customer's object, needs, and specifics.

This approach has proven to be effective, affordable, and reliable. It allows to minimize the risks and errors at the final stage, to automate all work as much as possible, which gives customers the most optimal solution for their operational tasks.

FTrace is a concept with many uses

Advantages FTrace brings a simple, modular system

  1. A modern building today is a complex multifunctional structure that requires a professional approach to the organization of engineering systems and equipment.
  2. It is possible to increase reliability and energy efficiency of equipment, as well as to reduce maintenance costs, only if there is a clear and well-developed structure of automation systems that were created taking into account the characteristics of the objects under consideration.
  3. FTrace replaces a time-consuming development process with a simple selection and configuration of ready-made software and hardware modules. This allows to create complex automation systems, while significantly reducing the cost of designing, commissioning and subsequent maintenance.
  4. The "one concept - many applications" idea ensures compatibility with any system, from ventilation to commercial refrigeration, and with any facility, from a store to a hospital.

Benefits Benefits of FTrace's modular approach:

Software for the project is implemented by assembling from ready-made elements.

FTrace has all the necessary tools to meet additional technical requirements.

Quality depends on the qualifications of personnel to a much lesser extent, both at the stage of design and installation, and during operation.

Standards-based software solutions save time and money during the commissioning phase.

Risk of detecting errors in the final stages is minimal, which guarantees completion of the project on time.

Most problems can be solved by changing available settings of the standard program from the controller display without participation of additional specialists

All interfaces have a unified style and philosophy, which greatly facilitates operation of the system and reduces the cost of personnel training

Components Elements of the FTrace system:

  • Controllers with standard software.

    Controllers with standard software.

    We use a limited number of types of controllers with optimally selected functionality.

  • Control cabinets and accessories to them.

    Control cabinets and accessories to them.

    Standard control cabinets are available for most equipment, see our catalog for details. It is also possible to manufacture custom-made cabinets.

  • Operator station.

    Operator station.

    Thanks to the use of proprietary libraries and a template structure, the development time of a SCADA system is minimized.

  • Equipment for controlling individual elements.

    Equipment for controlling individual elements.

    Drives, recuperators, pumps, sensors. Monitoring and control functions of units are available in the interface of our software and are configured according to the needs of the facility and the wishes of the customer.

Solutions Smart automation

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