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FTrace Supermarket

Smart complex for automation of engineering equipment of supermarkets.

FTrace is a concept with many uses

This is a new approach that considers the supermarket as one single object for automation, taking into account specifics of energy and engineering systems operation both for a single supermarket and for the retail chain as a whole.

Integrated systems:

  • General and technological ventilation

  • Commercial refrigeration equipment

  • Electricity and heat meters

  • Heating and air conditioning

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting

  • Security and fire alarms

Advantages FTrace Supermarket is based on the FTrace principle, which allows us to quickly tailor a product to specific customer requirements by selecting and adapting ready-made solutions.

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Information about all engineering systems is available in one place.

Information about all engineering systems is available in one place.

Separation of the system into two levels: a supermarket and a data center.

Separation of the system into two levels: a supermarket and a data center.

Applicability and scalability for any size of a supermarket.

Applicability and scalability for any size of a supermarket.

Our qualifications within specific areas.

Our qualifications within specific areas.

How it works

How it works

There is no need to pay for a full-scale system if you just require to manage refrigeration equipment.

Our optional solution is designed to work only with commercial refrigeration

FTrace Refrigeration
  • Versatility

    It can be easily connected to equipment from different manufacturers. Our system is compatible with refrigeration controllers from Carel, Danfoss, Dixell, and others.

  • Advanced energy saving

    Carefully calibrated algorithms allow to reduce energy consumption and smooth power utilization during peak hours. We help with control of:

    • Floating evaporation and condensation pressure.
    • Shifting the energy consumption to the hours with the lowest price of electricity.
    • Night temperature set points off-sets.
    • Separate schedules for counters with non-perishable drinks.
    • Dynamic change of electric defrost schedules based on air humidity readings on the shop floor.
  • Availability and speed of information obtaining

    We brought key information to the main screens and minimized the number of steps needed to access the necessary data. A clear interface displays only what you need. Proven in practice.

    We have also improved the algorithms for generating reports, which minimized the time required to display them.

    • Most analytical reports (including HASP) are available at the data center level.
    • It is possible to create different types of ratings and easily switch between stores.
    • Report generation speed is about 1 second.
  • Upgradability

    At any time, the system can be scaled up to FTrace Supermarket and start to manage all engineering systems.



Data center level

The data center level, in turn, is a cloud service that can be hosted on IT facilities of the retail chain, which provides:

  • Collection of data from all supermarkets in one place.
  • Unified accident control.
  • Integration with the incident response system.
  • Selection of criteria and data collection to create a rating system.
  • Access for various companies and the creation of principles for the differentiation of permissions.



Supermarket level

The supermarket level includes its own central controller (with an embedded web server) for each store, designed to provide:

  • Coordinated work of all engineering systems and implementation of energy-saving algorithms
  • Monitoring of a single supermarket (including monitoring from mobile devices)
  • Collection and storage (up to 3 months) of data with further transfer to the data center.


FTrace Supermarket is a ready-made and reliable solution that allows you to automate the operation of the engineering equipment of supermarkets, both individual and entire chains.

Due to its features, FTrace Supermarket gives supermarket chains:

Preservation of products quality in refrigerators

Comfortable temperature in the retails space

Fresh air, control of CO2 level, absence of unpleasant smells

Operation of the equipment according to the schedule

Night operating modes with economical settings

Implementation of energy-saving algorithms for all engineering systems, including refrigeration equipment

Management of external and internal lighting according to the schedule, as well as using the astronomical timer function

Smoothing peaks of electricity consumption, maximum efficiency in the use of price tariffs or the exchange cost of electricity.

Efficiency Permanent supervisory control

The key to the effective operation of the system is constant dispatch control, which can be outsourced, including within our own call-center, or implemented within the store chain.

Special attention

Special attention The speed and ease of access to information

When using the FTrace approach, special attention is paid to the speed and ease of access to information. Rating reports are built in the background and are updated in 2-3 seconds. All the necessary information is at the top level of the software, constantly in sight. All screens are designed in such a way as to give the user maximum information on the current issue.

Our task is to develop,
implement and support our
solution, not to sell components.

We focus on developing our own programs instead of using third-party, expensive software and hardware solutions. FTrace Supermarket is constantly evolving with our customers.

Our task